Hip-est social commentary since The Daily Show.

— Donald Tromp

I’ve seen people dismissing WOCL as “Obscure Reference Theater.”  Well, I can see why they might say that if they hadn’t had a new idea in 30 years…or didn’t enjoy puppies…or were too lazy to look up things.  Heck, I learn something new every yearsometimes even from this show!

To my fellow oldsterscheck this out!  I’d swear these kids were channeling Fred Allen!  Or was that Steve Allen?  Woody Allen?  Allan Havey?


— George “Get Off My Lawn” Hughes


You gotta check out this out.  “Culture Lag” made me laugh and made me cryor was that when my laptop burned my lap?

— SurfrDud

I often wonder where the next great viral thing is coming from that will change society.  Well, this is statistically a candidate.

— [anonymous]